The school has been in existence for more than 50 years, the founder Lil Tully passed away in 2000 leaving a wonderful legacy behind. The class promotes and fosters Irish Dancing in all aspects.

Her Daughter Siobhan Keogh Kellett A.D.C.R.G now runs the school with Irish Dance classes in Crumlin, Dolphins Barn and Maynooth. The school has a full programme to suit all ages from beginners to open standard and adults, including travel, shows, weddings, exams and teacher training. They have visited all corners of the globe. To date they have performed at the St Patricks Day Parade in New York, Dublin and Maynooth. They have danced in Disney Land Resort Florida and Paris, Pineapple Dance Studio London to name just a few.

The class has won many titles over the years. Siobhan is a registered Irish Dancing Teacher, Adjudicator, Grade examiner with An Comhdhail.

Lil Tully
T.C.R.G / A.D.C.R.G

Siobhan Keogh Kellett
T.C.R.G / A.D.C.R.G


Siobhan was born into an Irish Dancing Family indeed her Mother the late Lil Tully was a founder member of An Comhdail Irish Dancing Organisation. Siobhan grew up in Crumlin and was educated in Loreto College Crumlin and moved to Maynooth Co. Kildare in 1994 where she now lives with her Husband and two children. Siobhan started her dancing life with her mother in Crumlin and has traveled the world with Irish Dancing. She qualified as and Irish Dancing teacher in 1990 and went on to qualify as an adjudicator in 1998 and qualified as a grading examiner in 2008.

Siobhan is a member of the Dublin Branch of An Comhdhail na Múinteoiri le Rinci Gaelacha Teoranta, otherwise known as An Comhdáil – The congress of Irish Dance Teachers. Siobhan is currently the chairperson of the Dublin branch.

Siobhan teaches children from 4 years right up to and including adults and has also taught children with intellectual disabilities. Credits to date include competition titles, travel throughout the world, and has successfully trained 13 candidates through their teacher training programme/exam, all of which went on to establish their own School of Irish Dancing.


Dance examinations are set by An Comhdháil na Múinteoirí le Rincí Gaelacha (Congress of Irish Dance Teachers), colloquially known as An Comhdháil, it is one of the largest Irish dance organisations and dates its formal existence from 1970.

An Comhdháil sets qualification and examination criteria for those seeking certification as Teachers (TCRG) and
Adjudicators (ADCRG) of Irish Dancing. Examinations for these qualifications are organised on an annual basis.

There are ten grading examinations that are available to undertake once a dancer is eight years old and of the
standard of dance required. These exams serve as an alternative forum for dancers to receive feedback, separate to competitions. The exams include a dancing demonstration, questions on music, Irish and dancing theory. Completion of these exams is one of the necessary requirements for becoming a qualified Irish dance teacher.

An Comhdhail exams offer young dancers the opportunity to gain recognized qualifications that will serve them well in a career in dance as well as being of value later in life when considering further career development.

Why take exams with Lil Tully School of Irish Dance?

  • To attain your personal best
  • To learn dance in a safe and fun environment
  • To have a goal to work towards
  • To receive recognition from the world’s Irish Dance examining body

How should I prepare for an exam?

  • For Graded Examinations you’ll need to do a minimum of one class a week. Extra coaching in the period leading up to the exam may also be necessary.

Students in all the classes are advised to take An Comhdhail exams. Not only will they achieve a high level of excellence, but they will also receive a certificate. 

Exams are designed to give teachers and students specific goals to work towards and to maintain standards of development consistent with An Comhdhail.

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